Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Ice Storm 2009

We just survived the worst ice storm in history. There is really no way to describe how bad it was, but every tree in Western Ky looked like it had been attacked with a weed wacker! We had no electricity for 2 weeks. We got our power back Monday night, then we had a bad wind storm on Wed morning and lost power again. Fortunately, we got it back that night. We were very blessed and had no damage to our house, but we had lots of trees down and we lost everything in our deep freeze. :(

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a good Christmas at our house. We opened our presents to each other on Christmas Eve. The kids each got a Nintendo DS and a couple of games, and of course the traditional PJ's! Dad got a collector's knife with a picture of a duck on it, and a new display case for his Zippo collection. I was spoiled - and very surprised! I got a Paula Deen cookware set (very nice!) and a new set of Corningware casserole dishes - all things I needed very badly! When that was opened I had another surprise waiting in my stocking! Dad got me a new right -hand ring! After that we went to Joey's gradparents for food and fun. We played our traditional bingo game for small prizes (I got a crockpot - more cookware!) then we had a scavenger hunt for bigger prizes, we didn't win but we were close! I think we all had a good time and there was no need for Santa to come at all, but he did anyway! Christmas morning was very exciting. Grammy spent the night at our house so she could be there bright and early. Grandma and Grandpa got here at 6 am, and the kids got up a 6:30 am. Jordan had a fighting robot, a cd player, a crayola glowboard, a dinosaur, and several games waiting for him under the tree. Courtney had a Spafactory, several jewelry kits, 2 Taylor Swift cds, a Mad Gab DVD game, and a scrapbook kit under the tree. I think Santa was very good to us. Later we went to Dad and Gloria's house to visit and open presents, then we went to my Grandparents for more food! Today we laid around being lazy for a while, then we got up and did a little shopping - mostly for groceries, which for some reason were wiped out! I guess everyone was doing some holiday cooking!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Parties...and Santa!

Today we had our Christmas parties in Sunday School. Jordan's class made Christmas cards to take to the nursing home (Jordan is all about cards this year - he's made us all at least 3 of them!). Courtney's class talked about what Christmas means - it's not all about presents you know! After church the kids had a big surprise waiting for them - Santa was there! He gave them all candy and cute little sports watches - Tinkerbell for the girls and Spiderman for the boys. Jordan had been asking for one and I guess Santa decided to give him one early instead of waiting to put it in his stocking Christmas morning ("thanks" Santa! ) Even Mom and Dad got in on the pictures with Santa! Anyway it was a good day. And tonight we're going to see a Christmas program at another local church. Maybe it will put us inthe mood for ours next Sunday - we've been working really hard on it!